NYC Vegan Chocolate Candy Bars Tasting

Several vegan chocolate candy bars laid out on a table

While traveling through New York City, looking for a record shop for my brother-in-law, we came upon a small vegan deli & grocery store. Sadly, we just had lunch, so we didn’t try the deli food. Instead, impressed by the variety and quantity of new vegan products to explore, we thought it would be a great idea to try a few and share it with you later. This accidentally turned out to be a vegan chocolate candy bars tasting.

Several vegan chocolate candy bars laid out on a table, each one on top of its wrapper

This is the unofficial official ranking of our little taste-off from worst to best, not sponsored:

8) Edie’s White Chocolate Vietnamese Coffee Sunflower Butter Cups ($5.49) – Coming in last, sometimes it’s just better to say less. Would not recommend.

7) Chomp White Chocolate Kookie ($3.29) – Very sweet, doesn’t have much flavor, and has an unpleasant fatty mouthfeel. Would not recommend and would not buy again.

6) Mezcla Mexican Hot Chocolate Puff Crispy Bar ($3.99) – The prominent flavor is cinnamon with a hint of chocolate, it’s lacking sweetness, and the texture is okay. No heat and no Chipotle, we got scammed. Overall would not recommend and would not buy again.

5) Pocket Latte Hazelnut Coffee Chocolate ($2.29) – This one will hit you like a truck, it has a very intense coffee flavor with an aftertaste of artificial coffee. The hazelnut isn’t noticeable at all. Would recommend to strong coffee lovers or if you like coffee candy.

4) Pocket Latte Oat Milk Mocha Coffee Chocolate ($2.29) – A mild version of the coffee chocolate. It has a slight aftertaste. It has a wider audience and we would recommend to all coffee lovers.

Our Top 3

A close-up of a vegan coconut and chocolate bar

3) Eli’s Earth Bars Celebrate Bar ($3.99) – The main flavors are coconut and caramel with a hint of almond and a touch of chocolate. The coconut and caramel layer was too thick and could have been half. It’s very chewy and will stick to your teeth. Would recommend and maybe buy again. Toothpick not included.

A close-up of a vegan peanut and chocolate bar

2) Tombumble Nutty Peanut Butter Flake Candy with Chocolate ($2.99) – Good things come in small packages. It has a very interesting texture, it’s flaky, crunchy and buttery. Overall it’s pretty savory with a strong peanut taste and the outer chocolate is thin. Would recommend and buy again.

A close-up of a vegan chocolate covered marshmallow

1) Mallow Puffs Raspberry Belgian Dark Chocolate ($8.49) – Our clear winner, it’s a pretty firm raspberry marshmallow coated in a thin layer of dark chocolate. It’s a little too sweet and the raspberry taste could be a bit stronger. The combination of flavors and textures is good and it melts in your mouth. We also really like the package and its quirky funny text. 8/10, would recommend and buy again.

This was our ranking of some vegan chocolate candy bars we have found. Let us know if there are any we should try next time!

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