You Should Grow Green Onions!

As part of our dream to live a more sustainable and simple life, we’ve been experimenting with growing different types of fruit and vegetables. We grew hot chili peppers, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, mint, arugula and more. By far, the most easy and satisfying crop was green onions.

Andres started with planting the bottom part of our store bought green onions. He just cut the bulb and roots from the onion each time we used some and planted it in a big garden pot. We let it grow and cut off as much as we needed as often as we wanted. And after a while, we literally stopped buying them from the store. Andres is extremely pleased [smiley emoji].

We loved it so much that when it started to flower we just let it. It’s a great plant to look at.

flowering green onions in garden pot

Seeing as it’s super simple to just cut off the stem and stick it in the ground, we wanted to show you how to grow them from seeds.

*If you want to regrow from seeds, the best option is to buy seeds meant for home gardening and not using the seeds from your flowered store-bought onion. Those are sometimes hybridized and won’t reproduce.

Andres likes to think he’s a novice gardener. In reality he just throws seeds all over the place and sticks leftover fruit and veggies in the ground. Most of the time we find to our surprise, a new plant growing where he last “planted” though we’re never quite sure what it is until it grows a bit.

green onion seeds in bowl

Luckily for us, green onions are perennials and can grow in clusters. This means you can just sprinkle the seeds on wet soil freely, cover with 0.5 cm of soil and voila! around 40 days later you have your very own green onion factory. Just make sure to keep the soil moist.

We use green onions for our fried rice tofu, salads, sandwiches, as garnish for soups and so much more. For the brave ones out there- if you’ve found a way to use them in deserts, be sure to let us know!

Here is the new pot we want to use to grow from seeds.

garden pot used to plant green onion seeds with measurements

This is how our green onions started growing from the seeds. We didn’t know if the seeds we got were good, so we over-planted. If it gets a bit crowded, you can just pluck the weak ones so that there’s more space for the rest.

Make sure not to overwater, as it is no bueno. Just keep the soil moist.

green onions growing in garden pot

Unfortunately, one of our cats decided to use our green onion pot for a digging excavation. As a result, we never got to see our green onions at full power. RIP.

Best of luck to anyone who tries and let us know in the comments which method you used and how they turned out!

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