Best Way to Eat Pita Bread

Toasted pita bread with hummus plate and pickles

*** WARNING ***

Do NOT use a bad toaster* (check notes below) and please verify that it is indeed able to handle pita bread. Make sure not to jam it in as it might get stuck on the way out, keeping your toaster running.
In case of a bad toaster please read the notes and Q&A section.
“Bad toaster”-¬† any toaster unable to handle a pita bread size-wise.

*** WARNING ***

Ahhh, the pita bread. One of the bread wonders of the world. So soft and chewy, perfect to hold any kind of filling.
If you’re a bread lover (like us), you probably know by now that fresh pita bread is a wonderful delight.
There’s nothing better than a fresh one for your breakfast, lunch or dinner except maybe a Marraqueta.
So you decide to get a fresh bag of pita bread from the store. Excellent choice! Yet there is but one fatal flaw in this plan- from the moment the pita leaves the oven it starts losing all its freshness, elasticity & chewiness.
Usually one or two days after being made they just aren’t the same. And so, you’re faced with a hard dilemma- am I going to be able to consume all this bread before this happens or not?!
If you’re able to do so, AWESOME! Seriously, mad respect. But if you’re like the rest of us normal people, you should really freeze the rest. This post will explain how to freeze pita bread and how to make a frozen one taste better then a fresh one!

Freezing pita bread is the easiest thing in the world- just put it in a sealed plastic bag or any container and throw them into the freezer. Now what’s the best way to deal with a frozen pita you ask? There are two ways to go about it but either requires a toaster to do so. Leave it whole and you get a very crunchy outside in contrast to the chewiness & fluffiness of the inside, or cut in half as in two circles for maximum crunchiness, chewiness & toastiness (this is the way).

Whole Pita

Take a frozen pita and put it in the microwave for about 1 minute. Using a knife cut a small line at the top to let the air escape then pop it in the toaster until golden brown outside. Handle with care as it comes out really hot.
You could also do it in one step and pop the frozen pita in the toaster until golden brown outside. Make sure to handle with care while cutting one open as it holds very hot steam.
There is a bit of a difference between both methods so let us know which one you liked best.

Half Pita (2 circles)

Take a frozen pita and put it in the microwave for about 1 minute. Using a knife cut it in to two circles and pop both pita circles in the toaster until golden brown & crunchy. This is what we usually do for breakfast/dinner, we usually eat it with avocado/hummus/tahini with different veggies but you- go wild! Anything works really, please do experiment.


Q: I cut the pita in half not in two circles will this method work?
A: Yes, the result isn’t as good as the two circles. Do try the circle way, it’s better.

Q: My toaster is bad, what can I do?
A: After defrosting the pita bread 1 minute in the microwave, cut the borders to fit the bad toaster. You could even make a square to be fancy, just make sure to leave enough room so the it doesn’t get stuck in the bad toaster.

Q: Is there any way to salvage old pita bread left outside? (mad respect lost.)
A: Yes, just wet the pita a little bit with your hands and either pop it in the toaster or place it in the microwave inside a damp towel (damp, not wet), try 30 sec intervals until the it is dry.

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