We’re Einat and Andres, the couple behind Vegano Sabroso. Here we share our journey through this weird thing we call life, our hopes, dreams and struggles but most importantly the food that comes with it.

Andres and I met about 4 years ago, and we immediately had many things in common – we’re both vegan, come from South American families and we both deal with chronic illness. For me it’s Marfan syndrome and its many perks (my sarcasm is showing huh?) and for Andres it’s Chronic Fatigue syndrome (SEID) and Fibromyalgia. Although some days are harder than others, we always find ourselves in the kitchen, cooking something up, trying different ingredients and figuring out how to make it better next time. That’s how the idea for a food blog came about – we were already experimenting in the kitchen, so why not share the results with other people?

We’re lucky that our strengths complement each other perfectly to make this happen – Andres is handier and creative with his cooking, and I’m good with a camera and words (hopefully ;)). In general though, we both try to do everything together.

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My journey in the kitchen began when I became vegan about 6 years ago, and I had to start cooking out of necessity. I discovered many new ingredients and flavors that I had never tasted before. I learned that with just a little bit of effort, vegan food can be incredibly colorful and delicious, and that there’s so much variety to play with. 

Growing up, I didn’t eat a lot of traditional South American food, even though my parents are from Venezuela and Chile. I did have plenty of homemade arepas though (which are SO yummy!!) and now that I find myself more and more in the kitchen, I definitely try to cook more of the delicious food that my parents grew up on (some of it you can find recipes for here!).

I’m really excited that we get to share the food we love, hopefully you’ll love it too!


Life can be harsh sometimes, but the one thing that has always given me comfort and kept me sane is cooking. It’s my creative outlet, letting my endless curiosity run wild. I learned to cook by experimenting with food for years, and let me tell you something – I have made countless of awful dishes during that time – but I kept persisting and getting better at it.

Coming to Israel as a child, I was exposed to so many different kinds of foods and traditions, and that’s because Israel is essentially a melting pot – people of so many different cultures live here and it’s reflected in the food that you can find. This lets people to break out of their traditions and get creative with their food, thus allowing us to mix different cuisines and spices in our cooking.

My rule of thumb is – is this tasty or not and is it worth the effort? So apology in advance if I break any of your do’s and don’ts in the kitchen!
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